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About Me

Praput Hattaphan


Hi, Hello, Sawasdee Krub (in Thai) My Name is Praput Hatthapan. Welcome to my first blog, "Around Bangkok" or in Thai we call "Rob Muang Krungthep". This blog is the first blog I wrote in English Language. If you've any question, please feel free to ask me +Praput Hattaphan

I listen to Thai Song and play Guitar. We can also talk about music or Thai Song too. ^^

Blog's Objective

The main objective of this blog is sharing information and guide in Bangkok where I lived here since I was born (about 30 years). The other reason I wrote this blog is practicing my writing skill. If you don't understand about my writing you can also share your idea of writing to improve my skill too :] 

I hope this blog have a very useful information for you.

Kob Khun Krub ขอบคุณครับ (Thanks in Thai)
Praput H.


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